Red Deer College – Food Services, Naming, Identity and Space Design
– Reds Café
– The Patch

In conjunction with the wayfinding and signage program, BOND Creative was asked to redesign the nomenclature and signage for the recently upgraded Red Deer College cafeteria and also for the new restaurant in BCTL1. Our naming exercise brought forth many options, which ranged from connections with Red Deer to the youthful nature of the students. Ultimatley, the memorable and simple name of Reds Cafe captured the essence of the facility. We also provided naming options for the restaurant in BCTL1 and The Patch was chosen. Design cues for Reds Cafe were taken from both the modern architecture and the brand colour palette. The red band is meant to draw attention, from a distance, to the cafeteria entrance located down a long and narrow corridor. The subtle curve with Reds identity and wall graphic draws customers into the area. We retained the dark blue/grey tone and brushed metal look and feel of BCTL1 for The Patch identity.