Our Process

The end result of an innovative and effective solution has its roots in a well defined process. We at BOND Creative are definitely proud of our work, but the thought and consideration that has gone into perfecting our process is also a deep source of pride.

Allow us to walk you through:


Here is where we lay the foundation and get to know your organization. We meet with you to discuss aspirations and objectives, conduct visual reviews, as well as interviews and research.

At the end of this phase, we understand your organization. This essential knowledge base provides us with inspiration for the Design phase.


The valuable information gathered from the Discovery phase is used to craft a creative brief and an evaluation of design goals. Our experienced team of designers then start doing what they love – producing creative concepts.

Once you have reviewed and approved these initial concepts, the real fun begins. Your chosen concepts are refined and brought to life in the Implementation phase.


Your unique design is then incorporated into all relevant design solutions. These solutions can include everything from stationery and marketing materials to signage, vehicles and merchandising.


We understand the challenges involved in maintaining the integrity of your design. To alleviate this and to build on your investment, we provide state-of-the-art tools and guidelines that allow you to maintain and protect your visual identity.