Westjet – Wayfinding Workshop and Masterplan

Wayfinding is a fundamental underlying structure of the WestJet travel experience. WestJet contracted BOND Creative’s consulting services to provide wayfinding workshops and a masterplan strategy to strengthen their wayfinding system. By identifying architectural features, and decision-making zones, we created a specialized strategy and a wayfinding training workshop. Within a commercial airport, an effective messaging system requires clear and intuitive directions. To address this unique environment, BOND created a strategy based on a set of concentric zones. This Macro-to-Micro approach provides essential information to guests where and when they need it. Symbols, that are distinct from the clutter of existing airport signage, serve a dual purpose of alleviating language barriers and encouraging quick and easy comprehension. 

The result is an innovative wayfinding guest services strategy that supports objectives, builds on its organizational image, and ultimately provides successful solutions that can be implemented as part of the customer’s airport journey.