Terell Stafford Branding, Collateral and Website

BOND developed a strategic branding plan for world renowned trumpet player and educator, Terell Stafford. Brand guidelines have been developed to ensure that the visual identity will be accurately promoted and become a recognizable mark. Collateral items were developed for marketing, stationery and communication needs. The identity was designed to emulate the same characteristics that bring Stafford's music to life.

The serifed logotype represents the classic foundation of music that is jazz, with the studied and calculated improvisational progress of a piece illustrated in the broken letters. The use of a monogram represents the personal touch of Stafford's performance and the indelible mark that is left after the experience of his performance, surrounded by the interrupted circle representing the bell of a trumpet – his instrument of choice. The warm colours tie the elements together, representing the passion that flows through his performances and are contrasted against a stark black and white background – a slight nod to the history of jazz documentation with a contemporary flavour.