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    graphic design and project management.
  • We take your brand and give it a distinct personality,
    strategy, and impact. It's the ultimate makeover that
    gets you noticed.

Calgary Stampede -
ENMAX Park Site Signage

BOND designed and implemented the signage and wayfinding for ENMAX Park. Wayfinding signage is an important element in maintaining a consistent, unique link for visitors to find their way through the park.

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Stampede -

BOND designed and implemented the BMO Amphitheatre gateway and donor recognition.

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BOND Work:
We are a relatively young company, however, we have many years of combined experience and proficiency in the areas of corporate identity and environmental graphic design. Working with a passionate group of individuals with above industry-standard knowledge and experience in branding, environmental, and interior design – BOND complements all angles of your branding initiative. Visit Featured Work to view some examples of what we have been up to. Our Portfolio will take you through the history of work and the range of organizations we have worked with.

BOND Brand: Creating a brand presence that leaves a lasting impression. Refreshing your brand personality or just beginning, BOND Brand works with you to discover what makes your corporate identity unique. Creating a brand strategy to showcase your unique identity, BOND will work with you to discover your distinctive needs, delving into all elements of the branding process including BOND Way and BOND Space. BOND Way: Changing the way you move through space and places. Our expertise in environmental graphic design allows us to create visual strategies that assist visitors in discovering, navigating, and understanding the environments they are in.  Our dynamic, wayfinding solutions communicate and solidify the brand identity and the ideas behind the place.  BOND Space: Spanning the distance between graphic and environmental design, BOND Space enhances the look and feel of your space. Your surroundings and your brand will become one in the same; a seamless transition between the two. 

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